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The Farm

Connecting to the Land

The agrarian lifestyle at Middlebrook will be focused on enhancing the quality of life for residents through improving access to fresh local foods, creating wellness opportunities and offering community connections. The farm will offer fresh produce, educational programming, community events, and retail opportunities that aim to provide residents and guests of all ages with unique, authentic experiences that foster community engagement and well-being. Each of the tranquil residential neighborhoods will have access to vibrant agricultural enclaves, natural parks and trail connectivity as well as the convenience of a pedestrian-focused town center.

Middlebrook has over 100 acres of this land that will be dedicated to a variety of agricultural endeavors. The primary agricultural components of Middlebrook include a Town Farm, Neighborhood Gardens, Community Farm, Orchards and Animal Pastures. A series of trails connecting the agriculture and natural areas will weave through the community and tie into the existing Great Western Bike Trail.

The Town Farm spans approximately two acres and will become the heart of Middlebrook’s Town Center providing a wonderful community gathering space focused on education, events and a retail farm stand. It will be connected to the surrounding community via pedestrian trail access, main street style parking and road access. As a focal point for the community it will house spaces for retail, education, events space and interactive opportunities. A series of Neighborhood Gardens will knit the neighborhoods together with community gardens and edible landscapes.

A Community Farm of approximately 20 acres will be the heart of the farm operation where organic vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers will be cultivated for Middlebrook residents and the broader community. The community farm will host educational workshops, tours and community events for residents and local schools. With a hybrid of educational farming and commercial vegetable production, it provides authentic connections to how food is grown.

Orchards and animal pastures will cover approximately 40 acres along the rural edge of the Middlebrook community providing ample opportunities for residents and the public to participate in the harvest of produce and care of animals.

Farm products will be sold through an on-site farm stand, at local farmer’s markets, restaurants, and to residents through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. In addition, produce will be donated to local food pantries and other hunger relief organizations.

At full capacity the collection of farms and gardens at Middlebrook will be able to supply enough vegetables and fruit to serve the community of over 1,000 families with locally grown, seasonal produce.

Meet Farmer Dan

Dan Fillius has been growing organic vegetables for 12 years including stints managing the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm and 140 acres of vegetables at Featherstone Farm. He moved with his wife and daughters to Iowa to be close to his wife’s family and grow food in the fabled Iowa soils. His favorite vegetable to grow is winter squash, and enjoys biking with family and birding in his spare time.

Farm Stand

A cornucopia of produce is currently being grown in the four-acre Middlebrook town garden. Visitors can find an assortment of melons, tomatoes, sweet corn, pumpkins, carrots, winter squash, zucchini, cucumbers and eggplant at the farm stand, open daily at Middlebrook Farm. Future plans include a farm store and café, a communal space where people will be able to gather and enjoy the bounty of the town garden with proximity to the fields and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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